Spring has sprung! Properties are moving!

Don’t forget a PY Agronomy pre-purchase property inspection. Springtime is typically a busy time in the property market and this year is no exception. PY Agronomy is here to assist you with making the right decision to purchase.

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Stay up-to-date with Agronomy Audios

Over the past several months, we have been receiving more and more positive feedback from growers who are enjoying our agronomy audios. These audios are designed for us to be able to reach more of the growers around the region and provide an easy way for them to stay on top of what we are seeing in the paddock.

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2018 Pre-emergent Herbicide Trials

In May and June, we established 3 different pre-emergent herbicide trials at the one site in Parkes. The trials are to look at grass weed control in wheat, barley and chickpea/canola. We plan to have a field day at the end of July to look at the results.

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